K Sports FC
K Sports FC
The Paperboys

Club History

Established 1919


Senior Div Winners: 1959/60, 1963/64

Premier Div Winner: 1987/88, 1990/91

Challenge Cup Winners: 1986/87

Kent Senior Cup 3 times

Kent County Div2 Champs

Kent county Div1 Champs

TWCC Champions 2013/14

Originally founded in 1919 and established as a senior club in 1946. The club has been a long time force in the Kent league and has a very proud history.

The present club reformed in 1974 and as reeds international won the western Premier in 1987/88 and again in 1990/91 after reverting to APM, in 2009 the Contrast name was added as local business man Dave Dadson of Contrast South East put in a big sponsorship deal.

The Club plays its football at K Sports Cobdown, where we have a long standing history. The football club has always been a senior section but in 2013-2014 season APM grow with the introduction of a youth section with two teams in the Kent Youth League. The next season saw the club has now grown even further with the amalgamation of Holtwood Rangers and a full youth section was introduced making the club a force in Kent Football.

Now the club is in full transition as we have changed our name to K Sports FC as we embark on a new and exciting era for the club.